Monday, June 24, 2013

Cheetah Cheetah Peter Eater

Petie was speedy.
But the cheetah was fleeter.
Petie looked meaty
to the meat-seeking cheeter.

The cheetie got greedy and chased after Peter.

Petie got petered
just teetering ten meters.
Peter's poor feetie
were feverish bleaters.

Peter asked Rita, "Could I use your two-seater?"

Rita saw Cheetah
one meter behind Peter.
And sweetly gave Peter
her street-worthy two-seater.

The cheetah stopped neatly and leered long at Rita.

Ritly smiled sweetly
at the Pete-starved cheetah.
And gave the beat cheetly
two neat veggie pitas.

The cheetah thanked Rita and ate her for dinner.

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